Lili F.


Olá, I’m Lili! I’m a big believer in conscious eating - all of my dishes are homemade with bio ingredients and I offer many vegan options, too. With my style of cooking, you can be sure that you'd enjoy every bite of my food! I moved to Portugal in 2016 from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve now called Lisbon my home where the vibrant colours of the sky have never ceased to amaze me. I’ve always stayed true to my passion for cooking; I love to experiment with re-creating classic dishes, incorporating the skills and knowledge of food taught to me by my grandmother as well as promoting the idea of eating healthy and sustainably. I've found a lot of joy in cooking for my friends and family at home, especially for my son. With me joining Mae's food, I'm now able to serve my delicious creations with you and hope that you'd come to appreciate the trust and support that the team has provided to the community of home cooks here. I'm looking forward to the future when I'd be able to serve my food to you in a cosy little space where we can all sit and enjoy the perks of life!

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